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2020-2022 Season Conditions Archive

2022 Season

3/6: Trails closed at the end of the day (Sunday).  This might be it for the season if we don’t get a large storm before the ground melts.

3/3: Another inch of snow and cold remains.   Grooming remains suspended but plenty of traffic to pack down what is there over the ice base.

3/2: 2″ of new snow and cold remains.  Corridor 15 west of Hanson Mill Rd has a blockade, but everything else is open.  Conditions remain on the high side of marginal.

2/27: We remain open with 2-4″ base over ice, and numerous bare patches.  The ground is still frozen, so until the mud appears, we will try to keep trails open.  Corridor 15 is blocked west of Hanson Mill Rd.

2/25 Update: Eric opened the trails at 4PM.  There is 4-5″ and it is still snowing.  There is a lot of hard ice on the trails and the snow is powdery, so spikes and extra care are recommended.  No grooming will be done today.

2/25: It is snowing, with 3-7″ forecasted.  Gates were reopened, but trails remain closed until the results of the storm are known.  The base is icy with plenty of bare spots.

2/20: A heavy dusting on 2/19 leaves the lake with scattered spots of snow cover, but didn’t give us enough to cover the bare spots on the trail system.  We look forward to a Friday snow fall.

2/18: Trails are closed until there is more snow.  The base in many locations are just an ice base or bare ground.  Some areas still have a snow base, but the weather forecast is for warm temperatures and no snow.

2/14:  Trails took a beating on Sunday.  Conditions are frozen crud.  Heavy use trails have many thin to bare spots.

2/13: Cold again.  Most trails groomed last night (Saturday) and while C15 is still rough, the feeders and Red Hill are in good shape.

2/11 – SLUSH!  It has been warm this week.  Today and Saturday forecasted to be in the 40’s, then it will freeze up again.  It is Winny Derby weekend so traffic could be high and beat up the already beat up trails.

2/8 – We woke to 3″ of new snow but temperatures were already at 32 in the morning and expected to hit the high 30’s.

2/7 – 1-3″ forecast tonight along with above freezing temperatures during the day for the rest of the week.

2/6 – Trails are freshly groomed and in good to great shape.  Cold temperatures are hiding most of the waterbars.

2/5 – Frozen slush with snow on top.  Cold temps (0F) expected.  Castle trails have more snow.  Most trails will be groomed on Saturday night.

2/4 – 1.5″-4 new snow/slush – still snowing at 9AM.  Conditions will be marginal in many locations.

2/2 – All trails groomed except Red Hill.  Temperatures above freezing.  New snow expected 2/4.

1/29 – 8″ of new snow.  Nothing is groomed yet.  If you go out on Sunday, watch for groomers.

1/26 – Everything has been groomed at least once, but conditions are marginal to “almost” good until we get more snow.

1/21 – Grooming continues.  Red Hill and Ossipees have the best conditions.  Waiting for Swallow Point to Far Echo and east of Lees Pond to be groomed.

1/20 – We continue to check the trails and give them their first grooming.  There are some gates closed, but we hope to get them all open by the weekend.  Some waterbars are still not frozen and some spots are thin.  No snow is in the forecast, but it should remain cold enough to firm things up..

1/18 – Trails were opened today, except for Red Hill.  Conditions are marginal.

1/17 4PM – The trail master is allowing riding on the trails, but not all are passable.  There may be closed gates, downed limbs or trees and other hazards.  The club will be scouring the trails over the next few days and will update the report as we learn new information.  Let us know if we need to take care of something.

1/17 – A few inches followed by rain.  People are riding on the ice.  Trails remain closed until they can be checked for base and downed limbs.  Early indications are that this heavily advertised storm was a bust for us.  Cold temperatures are forecast for the rest of the week, so what fell should remain.

1/7 – New snow, but only 1-4″ when we needed at least 6 to open things up.  The lakes are pretty much frozen over but the ice needs to deepen to make them safe.  Trails are still closed but it feels like we are just a storm away from opening.

1/2 – Hopefully the holiday melt is over and more snow is on the way.  There is still a very thin snow cover to freeze up but water is still flowing in the woods and water bars are not set up.  The lakes have some ice but after four days above freezing, is questionable.  Trails remain closed.

12/29 – A few more inches fell over the past few days, but warm temperatures are preventing the base from building up or the water bars from freezing.  The trails were rolled, but are still not open.

12./24 – A few inches of hard pack on the ground.  Hoping for more over the next week so that we can get this show on the road.

12/16 – Ground is bare but mostly frozen.  Four to six inch storm forecasted for Saturday but it is unlikely that we will open any trails.


2021 Season

3/1 – Trails closed today.  Not enough base in spots to protect the trail from damage.  Even though a freeze-up is expected, conditions will likely be terrible and we are not able to groom.

2/26 – Warm temperatures have brought out many bare spots.  Grooming will be minimal unless cold and snow return.  1-3″ forecast for tomorrow.  Higher elevations of Red Hill and Ossipees are good to great.

2/24 – Low elevation and heavily used trails are brown and above freezing daytime temperatures are forecast for the next five days.  Without more snow, it will be difficult to keep all trails open.

2/22 – 4″ dry snow in the lowlands.  Powder day on Tuesday.

2/21 – Conditions good throughout and most trails freshly groomed.  Base is thin with bare spots in some areas.

2/19 – 2″ of new snow on a rough frozen base.  Lots of moguls.  Some slushy spots on the lake.

2/16 – 1″ of crud that is expected to freeze.  Grooming will resume on Wednesday.

2/11 – Groomed or Rolled most trails within the past two days.  The base is thin, but the cold temperatures will help keep the trails in “almost” good condition.  Red Hill and Ossipee to Mt. Shaw are superb.

2/10 – Received 4″ of snow on 2/9.  We will be grooming the trails in preparation for the weekend.

2/8 – Trails held up well over the weekend.  Lots of thin spots but overall, not too bad.  Red Hill is good.  All water bars and swamps are frozen.

2/6 – Lots of Saturday traffic.  Some of the trails are in good shape, while others have bare spots.  Red Hill will have the best conditions.

2/5 – Friday AM, we got 2-3″ of new snow on top of a thin but mostly rolled base.  Lowland riding over the weekend will remain marginal but Red Hill should be good.  Corridor 15 was scheduled to be groomed on Friday night.

2/4 – Conditions marginal to poor.  All trails are open, but some haven’t been rolled or checked for debris.  Red Hill is groomed and is in good shape!

2/3 –  Grooming (Rolling) will continue today while we check for debris on the trails.  The base is thin, especially in exposed areas.  Riding not recommended until we get more snow.

2/2 –   Six inches new snow with high winds.  Trail packing and clearing is underway.  Expect marginal conditions with unseen (and seen) hazards on the trails.   Watch out for groomers.

2/1   – Forecast is reduced to 4-10″.  We believe that with 6, we can open some trails on Tuesday.

1/31 – Still closed – Forecast for Monday night through Tuesday is 6-12″.  We’ll see.

1/29 – 1-2″ base.  Trails closed.  Some snow expected Monday night into Wednesday.

1/27 – 1/2″ new snow.  Trails remain closed.  40% chance of snow on Groundhog day.

1/21 – Trails remain closed.  No snow in sight.

1/8 – Trails and some of the gates remain closed.  No snow in sight.

1/3 – Two inches on Jan 2, but not enough to open the trails.  Gates will be closing.

1/1 – Trails remain closed, ground is bare.  Snow is in the forecast, but probably not enough to get things open.  All four of our groomers are back online and ready to go.  Dance your best snow dance!

12/25 – Trails are closed.  Temperatures in the 50’s and over an inch of rain washed the snow away.  We are back to waiting for winter to return.  Meanwhile we will be working on our grooming equipment to be sure that the next storm will be packed quickly.

12/24 – With 2″ of rain and temps in the high 40’s forecast for the next 36 hours, the trails are unofficially closed.  Please don’t ride because you will only dig up the earth.  Once things freeze up again, we’ll reevaluate.

12/22 – Some trails were groomed and Kona gates are confirmed open.  Trails are mostly covered but slushy and some roots and rocks showing.  Riding possible but not recommended.

12/21 – Happy Solstice Day!  Some sleds were out over the past weekend, but it wasn’t stellar riding.  We don’t recommend riding this week since the forecast calls for warm temperatures followed by heavy rain.  We hope that once the rain ends and things freeze up again that we can start whipping the trails into shape.  There is a few inches of ice from Moultonboro Bay up towards Suissevale, but it is not yet safe for snowmobiles.

12/18 – A day after we received a foot plus of light snow, we are opening trails on a limited basis.  There are still gates closed and unfrozen bogs and swamps, and the lakes are not frozen.  Small stretches of trails may be ridden and doing so will help the base.  The club will be working through the weekend to open what it can.  It is likely that this is a short lived pre-season event, since warm temperatures and possible rain are forecast for Christmas week.


2019-2020 Season Conditions Archive

2/27 Thursday, 8AM.  Closed unless the base recovers.  Like last season, we’ve gone from the best riding of the season to closed in just a few days.  What was forecast to be a season extending snowstorm this week ended up being a 40 degree driving rainstorm and a fifth day above freezing.  Our trails were in good shape, but not that good.  The long range forecast suggests a few cold spells are coming, but no base recovery storm.  We haven’t heard from the state about the condition of the Ossipee Mountain Trail, but the lower elevation part is going to be rough.  So, if we get a foot or so of new snow in the next few weeks, we may be able to reopen again, but there is a chance the season has come to an abrupt end.  We thank our members for their support and clean riding.  There were no complaints from landowners this year.  Please put May 2’nd on your calendar to attend the annual member’s meeting (and election).

2/25 Tuesday Noon: Warm temperatures are eating the snow and some trails are showing bare spots.  Conditions are still good but there will be marginal areas.

2/22 Saturday 3PM: Conditions were great today.  Most trails were groomed within the last 24 hours.  The warm temperatures through Tuesday will take a toll, but we will groom Saturday night and if temperatures get below freezing in the evening.  Thanks to all that came out to the open house on Saturday.  We estimate 80 people stopped by.

2/21 Friday AM – Conditions have not been better this year.  The recent snowfall was dry and packed well.  The large groomers are laying white carpet, smooth as the proverbial’s baby’s butt.  Secondary trails where the only the small groomer and work-sled can go are still in great shape.  Even Salmon Meadow Cove Access trail, our gnarliest, is doing OK.  We will be grooming a lot this weekend so take heed of them, other sleds and an occasional water bar.  This is transition weekend between MA and NH school vacation weeks, so the trails will be busy.  Please patronize the club’s sponsors and let them know that snowmobilers have an economic impact on the areas.  And, it must be said, this is the traditional week for someone to ride off trail and close one of our trails down.  If you see someone risking our trail system, please say something and snap a picture of their registration if you can.

2/19 Wednesday AM – POWDER DAY!  We received a bit over 6″ of new snow on Tuesday.  We will be out grooming on Wednesday through the end of the week.  Conditions should improve, but there will likely still be water bars (inverted speed bumps) to watch out for.  Enjoy!

2/14 Friday Afternoon – Valentine’s Day.  Most of the trails were groomed in the last 24 hours, including Red Hill, Corridor 15 from Meredith to the Power Line and the Neck trail Down to Far Echo.  Probably ungroomed trails include Greens Basin Trail, DaSilva’s to Subway, Village Trail from the east side of Lees Pond to Cup and Crumb and Salmon Meadow Access.  Conditions are good to marginal, depending on the base.  Many parts of the trails have a thin base or open water bars.  Enjoy the weekend and please watch out for each other.

2/13 Thursday morning.  1″ new overnight and still snowing lightly.  Trails are open, but mostly ungroomed.   The east side of town, Vappi, Mason and Corridor 15 were groomed.  The rest of the trails will be hit over the next few days.  The base is still thin, so please be gentle on the corners and intersections.

2/12 Wednesday morning.  Trails are open, but ungroomed.   At the monthly board meeting on Tuesday night, we grumbled how the temperatures were too high to groom the snow.  In recent attempts to groom, the drags hit rocks and stumps because the trail base was just too thin.  With forecasters calling for snow on Wednesday night into Thursday, the decision was to hold off grooming until after the snow and after temperatures fall below well below freezing again,  This means, daytime grooming this Friday, so keep an eye out for groomers if you are on the trails.  This will set us up for good conditions as we start two weeks of school vacations, but forecasters call for above temperatures over the same period, so we’ll see what happens.

2/9 As of Monday morning, February 10’th, the trails will reopen.  We receive about 3.5″ last week, then warm temperatures and a lot of rain and slush.  Many people rode the closed trails over Fishing Derby Weekend, but not enough to scrape them down to dirt again.  With cold temperatures and a couple inches of snow forecast for Sunday night, we hope to be able to groom the trails smooth before the school vacation weeks.  Of course, any additional snow will help.  Trail base is still thin.

2/6 As of 9:30 AM on Thursday (2/6), trails remain closed.  While we received about 3.5″ of new snow overnight, it is now sleeting and we don’t expect much more accumulation today.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Unfortunately, this storm isn’t enough to reopen the trails.  The lake has safe spots, but random spots that are unsafe.  With the new snow cover, how do you  know?  We recommend not snowmobiling on the lakes and if you do, be very careful.  Thank you for your understanding – we are all anxious for the winter of 2020 to return.

2/1 Trails are closed, because too many areas are bare.  We need snow, but with the thin cover, at least the water bars are still frozen.  Best (that is a relative term) sledding this weekend is in the Ossipee Mountains, parking in the RT 171 lot.  The State reported it remains open, but trails to get to altitude will be rough.  The forecast calls for a 50% chance of snow in the next week, so we’re not giving up yet.  Enjoy the ice hockey tournament this weekend.

1/31 Trails remain closed due to numerous bare spots.  The next hint of snow is Wednesday/Thursday and we will reopen as soon as possible.   The state reported the Ossipee Trail still open, so if you don’t mind nasty lowland trails to get some elevation, you can park at the Route 171 parking lot and ride up in the mountains.  Maine has its reciprocal weekend this weekend, so maybe you can find joy there with your NH registration.

1/27 We’ve closed the trails until conditions get better.  The rain and warm temperatures wore the trails down to mud in many places and we owe it to the property owners to protect their land.  Please stay off the club’s trails until you see another notice that the trails are open again.  Meanwhile, start doing what ever snow dance you can conjure up.

1/26 No sugar coating.  We got nailed with the Great Meltdown of January 25.  Please stay off the trails until conditions improve.  We don’t want to rut up the land of those that let our trails cross.  Temperatures are forecast to freeze things up again this week although we’ll need another base laying snowstorm to get the trails open again.  We won’t give up on the winter yet but for now, things are on pause.  If you haven’t been out yet, check your sled for critter nests.

1/24 Enjoy riding on Friday and Saturday, but be gentle on the trails.  The weather forecast calls for above freezing temperatures today and Saturday and rain Saturday night into Sunday.  That will likely damage the good conditions we are barely hanging on to.  Use extra caution on the ice.  It is not set up as well as normal for this time of year, although many have been riding on the east side of Moultonboro Neck.  On the west side of the neck, ice between Far Echo and Kona, there are no tracks.  It looks weak and has a few open spots, probably due to springs.  Let’s hope that Winter, version 3.0 arrives soon.  We need the base.

1/22 Conditions are mostly good, with some water-bar dips and thin spots remaining.  The groomers have been out on most trails now.  The east side of town, from Skelley’s to the Rt 171 parking lot is still bumpy, but we hope to take care of that by the weekend.  Still, we need more snow before the trails will get mid-winter smooth.  The forecast calls for some snow on Saturday night.   We’re seeing lots of tracks on the lakes now, but caution folks that while some areas are no-doubt safe, some parts of the lakes have been frozen for less than a week.  Extra caution is also required at lake access points, especially those near dock bubblers.   Please report any unsafe conditions you see to us at

1/20 Conditions are much improved on our trail system.  On Sunday, we rolled and dragged many of the trails, but not all.  The base is generally good, but thin in spots.  Most of the water-bars are frozen now, but I have a snowmobile boot wet almost to the top that says “not all are frozen yet”.  Temperatures are forecast to be frigid this week, so the ice will continue to build on the lakes, but remember, some of the lake areas were open water just a few days ago.  There is evidence that some riders are testing the limits of “off-trail” acceptance.  No trails have been closed yet by angry property owners and we hope it stays that way.  Unfortunately, we usually lose one or two trails by Winter school vacation.

1/19 We got about 4-6″ of dry, sandy snow on Saturday night.  We will start to roll and drag trails later today and tomorrow.  The temperature is supposed to go above freezing in the afternoon, so this will help the snow settle and build the base.  We need more base.  While some trails are in good shape, there are serious water bars along corridor 15, Swallow Pt trail and the other usual spots.  Good news though, most (not all) were freezing up well by Saturday afternoon.  We’ve opened the Corridor 15 rope to the Lake Winnipesaukee at the Power line, but still have concerns about the Ambrose side.  Reports from Red Hill are that it remains ungroomed (maybe done Saturday night?) and the Ossipee Trail is groomed and good at elevation.  We are still a storm away from the trail system being in good shape, but at least we have something to work with now.  Enjoy the powder and be gentle on the corners.  It is still early winter conditions.

1/18 Conditions are still early season and vary across the trail system, from rolled to sled packed, from thin to plenty of cover.  Until the expected snowfall Saturday night, low-land trails won’t stand up to much traffic.  The Ossipee trail to Shaw Mountain should be the best riding.  Red Hill was still ungroomed on Friday evening, but it may have been groomed Friday night.  There are still water-bars that, even if now frozen, will be a rude depression in the trail.

1/17 The 6-8″ of snow on Thursday really helped.  We rolled the VK trail from Moultonboro Neck Rd to the Village Kitchen and Corridor 15 from Kanasatka to Hanson Rd on the Powerline.  There are many water-bars and the base is thin.  Riding will be fair, but the conditions can’t take much traffic.  There is not enough snow to fill-in the moguls.  Temperatures are forecast to be below 20 through next Thursday, so that should freeze things up nicely, and then there is a Saturday night storm coming.  We will be taking a groomer up Red Hill on Friday and Swallow Point to Far Echo will probably get packed on Saturday.

1/16 Winter is returning.  As of Thursday 10:30, there is at least 6″ of new heavy snow and it is still coming down lightly.  It is a good packing snow, falling while it is around 32 degrees.   It was 41 degrees yesterday, so the ground and running water hasn’t refrozen yet.  Conditions are upgraded from poor to fair, but expect serious water-bars and mud puddles and don’t trust the swamps to be frozen.  We just came off a serious five day January thaw.  Forecast is for wicked cold temperatures and more snow on Saturday night.  We will probably start grooming on Sunday night and Monday, after the weekend storm is over and the trails are sled packed.

1/13 Significant snow expected this weekend.  We lost most of the base last weekend.  With grass and mud showing, please stay off the trails this week until the snow depth rebuilds.  We don’t want our landowners to be finding ruts in our trails.   Grooming will likely resume this weekend if the weather forecast is accurate.

1/11 Long range forecasts hint at winter returning after next week.  Till then, trails remain open, but please stay off the trails during the major thaw and rain.  Wait till the base refreezes.  If you venture out anyway, expect mush, mud and waterbars.   The swamps may still be soft enough to trap you.  The Corridor 15 lake access at Ambrose cove, across from the powerline, is not passable due to bubblers.

1/5 Trails are open, with best conditions in the upper elevations of Red Hill or the Ossipee Mountains.  The recent warm weather and rain diminished the base and enhanced the water bars and mud holes.  We recommend staying off the low-land trails until they freeze up.

1/4 Because it is difficult to open and close the trails, the trails remain open, but we encourage you to stay off of them until we get more snow.  The recent warm weather and rain diminished the base and enhanced the water bars and mud holes.  Riding in poor conditions isn’t good for land-owner relations or your sled.

1/3 – The new Kona Trail connection to Corridor 15 is reopened.  The culvert is in place.  Take care turning right coming out of Kona Woods onto Kona Farm Rd.  The culvert ditch could catch those that take the corner too sharp.

1/1/20 Happy New Year.  Trails remain open today, but with warm temperatures and rain forecast, could shut down anytime before the weekend and until we get more cold temperatures and snow.  Grooming is limited to sled packing.  The entrance to Kona Trail, off Kona Farm Rd, will be closed Wednesday and Thursday for culvert installation.

12/31/19 We’ve opened the gate for the Red Hill Trail, the one across the road from the Village Kitchen.  It is ungroomed and not checked for blow-downs.  Consider it an advanced skill ride until we hear back about its conditions.  Please let us know if there are problems up there.  The gate to Red Hill Road (on the west side of Red Hill) is still closed.

12/31/19  On Tuesday, December 31, low-land trails will be open, but not Red Hill or the Ossipees.  Please stay off the lakes as the ice, while largely covered in snow, is soft in spots.  Early season conditions will be the rule, with numerous water bars and muddy swampy areas.  The only groomed areas are Corridor 15 down Moultonboro Neck Road to Hanson Road and Primary 201 (The VK trail) from Moultonboro Neck Rd to the Village Kitchen.  Please refrain from “brapping” until we have a well established base.  Expect to find an occasional tree limb in the trail.  While grooming on Monday night, we used the chain saw twice and got out half a dozen times to move branches.  If you find an obstruction, please move it into the woods or contact us by email at  Include a picture if you can.

12/29/19 We received 4″ of snow overnight and the storm is forecast to continue on and off for another day.  The trails are not yet open.

12/19/19 The soft trail opening on Wednesday was short lived.  The snow is too thin to pack down into a base, so trails are closed again.

12/18/19 Five new inches of snow fell yesterday and overnight.  Most trails aren’t opened yet, as we like to see at least 8″, but we’re going to try opening a few and see how it goes.  Red Hill and the Ossipee Trails are NOT open.  Conditions will be poor, since it was a fluffy snow. Please help us pack the trails.


2018-2019 Season Conditions Archive

March 24’th – All trails are closed for the season.  Ropes up, gates closed.  Thanks for your support this year.  Please plan to attend the annual meeting, now on April 7’th.

March 23: Most of our trail system is now closed.  We hope to keep Red Hill and Shaw Trail (including the trail the Carriage House) open, at least through the weekend.  The Carriage House restaurant will be open this weekend – the last weekend of the season.  This message is from the folks at Castle in the Clouds.

It’s our last weekend of winter restaurant hours at the Carriage House Restaurant! Come celebrate our first successful winter.  

We want to thank all of you for your patronage and support by offering 50% off all bottled beer this weekend. That’s $2.50 or $3 beers depending on your choice. Open 11-3 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Share with your friends and we look forward to seeing you soon.

 March 22: Snow conditions are getting marginal in some spots.  Landowners trust us to close trails as conditions turn to mud, so expect trail closings to start happening, especially in the lower elevations.  Updates here will be infrequent, as I’m out of town for the rest of the season and will only update trail conditions when I hear about them.  Thanks for your membership this season and please come to the annual members meeting.  There are some changes coming to the leadership of the club and we’d like members to participate in the decisions.

March 15: 3PM: Most of our trails have been packed or groomed since the storm on Tuesday.  The Carriage House trail from RT 171 will be open Friday through Sunday, 11-3.  Red Hill and the Ossipees to Mt. Shaw should be excellent riding.  Some lake access points are not safe, so be prepared to find alternate routes.  You can park your trailers at the Village Kitchen (keep to the back of the lot) or at the LRCT parking lot on Route 171, at the Ossipee trail.  Very cold nights and cold days should help conditions remain good, at least through the weekend.  Be careful going through the water-bars.  Note: Today’s state trail report was in error.  Kona trail is open from Moultonboro Neck Road to Kona Farm Road.  This allows those in Windward Harbor to get to points north.  The trail is closed from Morrill Rd to Kona Woods.  However, there is a back way into Kona Woods, at the end of Kings Court, with parking for 2 or 3 trailers.  That will give you access to trails that reach to Far Echo Harbor.

March 14 8AM: We received a foot or more of powder since yesterday.  The groomers will eventually get out, but it will be fresh tracks for a while.  A section of Corridor 15 is still closed between M’boro Neck road and the Powerline trail.  Expect water bars on trails and open water at some lake access points.  Good news, the trail from the Ossipee trail parking lot to Wolfeboro is open again.

March 9: Noon: Many trails are packed on the east and west side of town, but there are quite a few that will be packed with sleds only.  The Ossipee trail is open and groomed.  The Carriage House is open this weekend and can be accessed from Route 109 (spur off the trail just a bit north of the parking lot).  As of this writing, I’m not sure if the road up is groomed, but the gate should be during their open hours.  We have more reports of lake access points being unsafe, so don’t assume you can get on and off the lake in the normal spots.

March 8: 3 PM Update: We tried grooming today and the snow was too sticky.  Snow built up on the drag so it was impossible to pull.  instead, we broke out the roller and packed the Putnam trail from the Village Kitchen to Route 25 and then down Corridor 15, down to a dead-end at the beginning of the PowerLine Trail.  We also rolled the Lee’s Pond trail from the Putnam trail to the Lake Winnipesaukee access, which unfortunately is blocked by 15 feet of open water.  The spur off Putnam up to the Bob House is also packed.  The rest  of the trail system remains unpacked, except by sleds.  Watch for downed trees.  We came upon one while packing that required a chain-saw for removal.  Conditions are marginal.  There are quite a few deep water bars (that’s the nice term for mud holes)  and the 8-10″ of snow packed down to just a few inches of base.  In addition, a section of Corridor 15 along the Power Line trail, from Hanson Mill Rd to near Moultonborough Neck Road remains blocked off, because a snowmobiler violated a “no snowmobiling” sign a few weeks ago.  So, not mid-winter conditions and the trail system is chopped up a bit, but we should be able to get a few days of riding in.  People are riding the lake today.

March 8 8AM: We received 8-10″ of heavy snow and it is still coming down.  The trails are OPEN.  The groomers will be out at some point, but expect unpacked trails for most of the day.  Expect open water bars and be extra careful at water access points.  There is some open water in the swamp along the Power Line trail near Shaker Jerry Road, but it can be avoided.  We don’t know about the lake access point at Ambrose Marina (Aires), but suspect it might be open water.  We also don’ know the status of the Ossipee Trail, as the state controls the gate.  We will update here and on our Facebook page as we learn more.  Have fun and report any problems to – some of the folks that maintain the trails are out of town this week, so we won’t be checking everything.


2017-2018 Season Timeless News

Good news!  We have a new trail to the Castle Carriage House.  It will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11-3, from December 29th through March 25th.   The gate will be closed all other times.  UPDATE: The trail to the Carriage House has been rerouted up the visitor’s road, due to a washout on the main trail.  UPDATE: Luncheon on 1/27 at the Carriage House.  Details on event page. 

Bad News!  Our trail along Morrill Drive, on Moultonborough Neck, is closed.  This isolates four miles of trails on the lower neck, from Kona Wildlife Management Area through Camp Tecumseh to Far Echo Harbor.  Those trails remain open and will be occasionally groomed.  Please remember that snowmobile travel on town roads is illegal, unless there are signs saying it is permitted.

Corridor 26, from the parking lot on 109 at Ossipee Trail towards Wolfeboro is OPEN AGAIN

There is a minor reroute from the southern shore of Lake Kanasatka to Route 25, due to construction.  The old route is blocked by snow fence and the new route is signed.

Please register with our club online this year.  Our membership chair retired from his position last year but has graciously agreed to continue for another year, or until we find someone to take over the job.  If you register online, you will get your membership card via email and can register your sled at club rates right away.

We are looking for volunteers to take over the roles of social director and membership chair.  If you are willing to help, please end a note to

The Carriage House is open Friday through Sunday, 11-3 (conditions permitting), accessible by car (Ossipee Park Road) or snowmobile.  Our original trail washed out.  The new route starts at Route 171, on corridor 15, several hundred yards north-west of the snowmobile parking lot,   

Link to the archive of comments that were once here

Location Status
Morrill Rd between Kona Farm Rd and Kona Wildlife Management Area CLOSED Indefinitely
Corridor 26 towards Wolfeboro – South of Ossipee Trail Parking Lot Will be open!
Primary Trail 204 – East Edge of Squam Lake to Sandwich Notch CLOSED IN 2018/9
Corridor 15 South (Meredith Trail south of Lake Kanasatka) Unknown
Corridor 15 North (Lake Kanasatka to Lake Winni) Smith/Powerline (Section closed between Moultonboro Neck Road and Hanson Road) Unknown
Corridor 15 Vappy Trail (Ambrose Marina to Castle parking lot) Unknown
Corridor 15 Ossipee Mountain Trail – State Groomed Unknown
Carriage House Trail (Corridor 15 to Restaurant – Only 11-4 Friday-Sunday – When conditions permit) – REROUTED TO FRONT VISITOR ROAD OFF 109 Unknown
Primary 201 Putnam Trail (Moultonborough Neck Rd to Village Kitchen) Unknown
Primary 201 and 204 Red Hill (Village Kitchen to Wakondah and Squam Lake) Unknown
Mason Trails (From Corridor 15 to Skelley’s Market, Balmoral and Suissevale) Unknown
Kona Trail (Moultonboro Neck Road to Kona Farm Road) – DEAD END Unknown
Kona Trail  (Kona Wildlife Management Area to Smith Cove) Unknown
Far Echo Trail  (Smith Cove to Far Echo) Unknown
Lee’s Pond Trail, Village Trail Unknown
Greens Basin Trail (newly cleared trail – watch for obstructions) Unknown
Service Trail – Kanasatka via Subway/DaSilva to Corridor 15 Unknown