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2020 Season

2019 Season

March 21 – It was a great snowmobile season.  Thank you land-owners!  Please attend the annual members meeting on April 6 and have a great summer.  We’ll be looking for help after labor day, Saturday mornings at 8AM at the club garage, to get the trails ready for the 2019-2020 season.

March 20 – Today is the last day of winter and the last day the trails will be open.  Conditions are pretty good where the sun don’t shine, but there are lots of bare spots and occasional deep mud.  The upper elevations of Red Hill and the Ossipees will be the best riding if you can get in a last ride.

March 15 – Trails are still open, but the warm temperatures have taken their toll.  Expect slushy, thin and muddy conditions.  Lowland trails will be the worst.  The highland trails (Red Hill and Ossipees) will be the best.

March 9 – Trails open and in excellent, mid-winter condition.  Lake conditions continue to be good, but expect access areas to be opening up in warm sunny weather.

February 28 – 1″ new snow.  Trails good.  Most are groomed.  Red Hill closed for a while due to trail vandals riding on closed trails.

February 26 – Trails are in good condition.  Granular surfaces and crusty on the lakes, but everything is open.  No water bars (yet) and the lake access points are holding up well.

February 23 – After a small storm in the past week, trails are in great shape but there is an ice crust on the lakes, making turning a bit tougher.

February 21 – A inch or two of snow fell last night, and many of the trails are freshly groomed.   Sledding should be excellent today.

February 13 – 4-5 inches of snow/sleet on top of icy surface.  Riding is much better, but could be slippy around the corners.  Stop by the clubhouse on Saturday, 11-2, to say hi and enjoy a burger or dog.

February 8 – Conditions poor to fair.  Please stay off the trails until they freeze up again.

February 6 – Conditions fair.  Icy and thin in some spots.  Lakes are melted down to the ice, rutted along traveled corridors.

February 3 – Conditions excellent.  Some thin spots on corners.

February 1 – Conditions are about as good as they get.  Most trails will be groomed by the weekend.

January 30 – 6-8″ of light powder.  Trails were icy before the snow came, so there may still be some slick corners.  There are a lot of people riding the lake and taking the lake access trails.

January 25 – The trails will be icy until we get some more snow, due next week.  Snow cover on the lake is gone, so sled cooling (water cooled) and track lubrication will be poor.

January 24 – Rain, fog and temperature in the 40’s will do the trails and lake ice no favors.

January 23 – Kona Woods and Far Echo trails groomed and trees removed.  Still having off-trail rider problems at Camp Tecumseh.  The Kona Woods trail from Smith Cove Lake Access to Moultonboro Neck Rd is closed this week due to logging operations.  With a half-inch of rain or so forecast, followed by a deep freeze, riding today will be the best it will be until we get more snow.

January 22 – Groomers were out on Monday and will go out again today.  The fresh snow on the trails is giving us excellent conditions – even though it is very chilly.  Enjoy!

January 20 – New snow of 4-5″ and sleeting as of 12:30PM. So far, the storm severity is far below forecast.  Trails will be left ungroomed today, so enjoy the powder.  Be extra careful on the lakes to avoid weak ice spots and pressure ridges in reduced visibility.

January 18 – trails are open, most are groomed and in good shape.  A major storm is expected Saturday night into Monday.  Once the storm arrives, travel will become difficult with blowing snow and temperatures falling from below 20F.  There are safe routes on the ice, but also numerous areas of thin ice or open water.

January 12 – It is 3 degrees as I write this.  Groomers have been out overnight and the main trails should be in good shape.  The base is a bit thin, but well frozen with occasional water-bars and some shrubbery on the trail.  Saturday, the weekend crews will be busy clearing more storm damage from the trails and grooming.  Please let us know if you find any problems out there.  We might have missed a few things.

January  11 – Cold sunny weather has arrived.  The trail between the BP and Greene’s Corner gas stations to the club house is groomed, but that’s it.  More grooming will be done today, tonight and Saturday.  There are a lot of branches and trees across the trail, so progress is slow.  The base, after grooming, is a bit thin, but provide fair-good conditions.  Un-groomed trails are passable, but may provide unexpected adventure.

January 9 – Six inches of heavy powder came today.  Trails need to be packed, but should be in good shape for the weekend.  Expect downed limbs from the heavy snow.

January 2 – State and club trails are opening today.  Conditions are marginal at best and it will take a few days to check all the trails for problems.  The Powerline trail is not passable yet between the lake and Moultonborough Neck Road.  No grooming has been done yet.  Please let us know if you are out on the trails and run across problems.  Be extra cautious on the ice.

January 1 – State and Club trails in Moultonboro remain closed.  Lake ice depth is 4-6″+ in some spots, with many thinner spots, especially near dock bubblers.  Snowmobiling on ice is not recommended without local knowledge.

December 21 – Not enough snow on the ground and none in the near-term forecast.  Trails are all closed.  The ice thickness on the lakes was 3-6″ in spots, but then the warm rains came and will likely weaken the ice in spots.  Don’t blindly trust any ice at this point.

December 12 – Some of the lake ice is 4-6″ thick already, but is much better for ice-skating than snowmobiling.  Most of the trails are bare or have small patches of snow, with no significant storms in the forecast.  The good news is that the water-bars and ground is freezing nicely, so riding should be good shortly after the next storm.

December 6 – there is a thin layer of ice on the lake, but lowland trails have only patches of snow on them.  The mountains have about a foot of base.  Cold temperatures are expected over the next week but no snow in the forecast.  Time to do the Heikki Lunta Snow Dance!

November 28 – After an early deep freeze, the temperatures returned to normal.  30’s during the day and 20’s at night.  The snow pack is growing in the mountains but has mostly vanished on Moultonborough Neck.  Two and a half weeks till trails can be opened.

November 19’th – The ground is frozen to a few inches deep and there is several inches of snow on top.  The lakes are starting to freeze in the sheltered coves.  We are seeing an unusual early start to the winter and hope it lasts.  Please note that the state does not allow the trails to open before December 15’th, but if conditions permit, we will be ready.

September 7, 2018 – Time to get the trails ready.  Please volunteer on Saturday at 8AM at the club garage.

2018 Season

March 24’th – All trails are closed for the season.  Ropes up, gates closed.  Thanks for your support this year.  Please plan to attend the annual meeting, now on April 7’th.

March 23: Most of our trail system is now closed.  We hope to keep Red Hill and Shaw Trail (including the trail the Carriage House) open, at least through the weekend.  The Carriage House restaurant will be open this weekend – the last weekend of the season.  This message is from the folks at Castle in the Clouds.

It’s our last weekend of winter restaurant hours at the Carriage House Restaurant! Come celebrate our first successful winter.  

We want to thank all of you for your patronage and support by offering 50% off all bottled beer this weekend. That’s $2.50 or $3 beers depending on your choice. Open 11-3 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Share with your friends and we look forward to seeing you soon.

 March 22: Snow conditions are getting marginal in some spots.  Landowners trust us to close trails as conditions turn to mud, so expect trail closings to start happening, especially in the lower elevations.  Updates here will be infrequent, as I’m out of town for the rest of the season and will only update trail conditions when I hear about them.  Thanks for your membership this season and please come to the annual members meeting.  There are some changes coming to the leadership of the club and we’d like members to participate in the decisions.

March 15: 3PM: Most of our trails have been packed or groomed since the storm on Tuesday.  The Carriage House trail from RT 171 will be open Friday through Sunday, 11-3.  Red Hill and the Ossipees to Mt. Shaw should be excellent riding.  Some lake access points are not safe, so be prepared to find alternate routes.  You can park your trailers at the Village Kitchen (keep to the back of the lot) or at the LRCT parking lot on Route 171, at the Ossipee trail.  Very cold nights and cold days should help conditions remain good, at least through the weekend.  Be careful going through the water-bars.  Note: Today’s state trail report was in error.  Kona trail is open from Moultonboro Neck Road to Kona Farm Road.  This allows those in Windward Harbor to get to points north.  The trail is closed from Morrill Rd to Kona Woods.  However, there is a back way into Kona Woods, at the end of Kings Court, with parking for 2 or 3 trailers.  That will give you access to trails that reach to Far Echo Harbor.

March 14 8AM: We received a foot or more of powder since yesterday.  The groomers will eventually get out, but it will be fresh tracks for a while.  A section of Corridor 15 is still closed between M’boro Neck road and the Powerline trail.  Expect water bars on trails and open water at some lake access points.  Good news, the trail from the Ossipee trail parking lot to Wolfeboro is open again.

March 9: Noon: Many trails are packed on the east and west side of town, but there are quite a few that will be packed with sleds only.  The Ossipee trail is open and groomed.  The Carriage House is open this weekend and can be accessed from Route 109 (spur off the trail just a bit north of the parking lot).  As of this writing, I’m not sure if the road up is groomed, but the gate should be during their open hours.  We have more reports of lake access points being unsafe, so don’t assume you can get on and off the lake in the normal spots.

March 8: 3 PM Update: We tried grooming today and the snow was too sticky.  Snow built up on the drag so it was impossible to pull.  instead, we broke out the roller and packed the Putnam trail from the Village Kitchen to Route 25 and then down Corridor 15, down to a dead-end at the beginning of the PowerLine Trail.  We also rolled the Lee’s Pond trail from the Putnam trail to the Lake Winnipesaukee access, which unfortunately is blocked by 15 feet of open water.  The spur off Putnam up to the Bob House is also packed.  The rest  of the trail system remains unpacked, except by sleds.  Watch for downed trees.  We came upon one while packing that required a chain-saw for removal.  Conditions are marginal.  There are quite a few deep water bars (that’s the nice term for mud holes)  and the 8-10″ of snow packed down to just a few inches of base.  In addition, a section of Corridor 15 along the Power Line trail, from Hanson Mill Rd to near Moultonborough Neck Road remains blocked off, because a snowmobiler violated a “no snowmobiling” sign a few weeks ago.  So, not mid-winter conditions and the trail system is chopped up a bit, but we should be able to get a few days of riding in.  People are riding the lake today.

March 8 8AM: We received 8-10″ of heavy snow and it is still coming down.  The trails are OPEN.  The groomers will be out at some point, but expect unpacked trails for most of the day.  Expect open water bars and be extra careful at water access points.  There is some open water in the swamp along the Power Line trail near Shaker Jerry Road, but it can be avoided.  We don’t know about the lake access point at Ambrose Marina (Aires), but suspect it might be open water.  We also don’ know the status of the Ossipee Trail, as the state controls the gate.  We will update here and on our Facebook page as we learn more.  Have fun and report any problems to – some of the folks that maintain the trails are out of town this week, so we won’t be checking everything.

March 3 9AM: There is a storm approaching to cover our bare ground.  We may be reopen some of the trails if the forecast is met or exceeded.  However, there are some swampy areas and water bars that may have opened up and will prevent either grooming or riding or both.  In addition, some of the trail access points to the lake may have melted during the prolonged early spring weather.  Please don’t assume the trails are open until you see it here or on our Facebook page.  We need to prevent ruts forming on our landowner’s properties and stay out of melted wetlands.  Here’s hoping for over a foot!

February 25 11AM: Trails remain closed.  We are getting new snow and will evaluate the situation once the storm has passed.  Several of our trail system’s land owners requested that their part of the trail be closed when conditions were down to mud.  We can’t just re-open without at least checking back with them.  1PM Update.  The snow has all but stopped and we picked up barely an inch.  It appears that trails will unfortunately remain closed.

February 21: 2PM: Our entire trail system is closed until conditions improve.  There are many bare spots and rocks showing.  Water bars have opened up.  Several land-owners have requested that we shut their part of our trail system.  There is no fighting it.  For the near term, it is spring.  Please respect our land owners by staying off the trails.  We will be putting up signs and closing gates as we get to it.  The Ossipee Trail from the LRCT parking lot is very ice and dangerous.  It also has bare spots and we’ve been asked by LRCT to close that trail.  The state is responsible for the gate, but next person there will be closing it.

February 20 9AM: Here comes the fifth “January thaw” of the winter, or is it the sixth.  I’ve lost count.  Our trails are back to being compacted mush.  Conditions will vary.  Grooming is suspended.  Lake and pond access points are becoming questionable.  The closure on part of Corridor 15 is still being negotiated, so stay tuned.  However, if we don’t get more snow and cold temperatures, we’ll be getting calls from lots of land owners looking to close their parts of the trail system.  Nobody wants mud ruts on their land.

February 19 11AM: The snowfall on Saturday night made for great Sunday sledding.  Cold temperatures Sunday night kept the snow soft and riding conditions Monday morning were still good.  Warm temperatures are expected this week, so we’ll see what happens.  It doesn’t look good.  Our small groomer (The Gator) is operational again and the Kona and Far Echo trails were groomed for the first time of the season.  Grooming will likely be suspended until cold temperatures return and the lost snow is replenished.  We received notice that a portion of Corridor 15 will be closing, between Hanson Road and Moultonborough Neck Road.  There was clearly a set of snowmobile tracks in the unauthorized area.  We are hoping there is a way to reopen the trail this season, but are stumped about how to prevent infractions that are upsetting our landowners.

February 16 – Warm temperatures continue to beat down the base.  The groomers were out during a brief freeze, so the primary trails are smooth, but won’t stay that way long.  The Castle in the Clouds closed its trail to the Carriage House due to bare spots on the paved road.  Next week looks warm too.

February 13 7PM: Trails are mostly covered with some bare spots and some water bars.  Surface is hard and lumpy.  The lakes are very rough where people were riding this past weekend.  We’ve had to eliminate the radar run and kiddie rides at the Center Harbor SkateFest event this Sunday, because conditions just aren’t good enough for it.  We will have the Gator and Tucker groomers there and will be offering rides to the kids.  We hope to see you there.  The food is free and there will be music and skating exhibitions.

February 11 2PM: The rain and two days of warm temperatures have changed the conditions from quite good to fair.  Cover is still pretty good, but there will be thin spots and water bars will be open again.

February 9 10PM: Cover on the trails is good, but probably won’t last through the weekend if the forecast for warm temperatures and mixed precipitation hold true. If you head up the trail to the Carriage house, pull off at the turn out and take in the view of Lake Winnipesaukee.  The groomers are expected be out on the primary trails on Friday night.  Last I heard, Red Hill hadn’t been groomed since the storm but that may change overnight.  Some secondary trails are a bit bumpy but had plenty of cover today.  The lakes and ponds have a thick snow cover.

February 9 – The trail to the Carriage House at Castle in the Clouds is open today.  You’ll find the trail cutoff on Corridor 15, on the south side of Rt 171.  The restaurant will be open this weekend and it is the first weekend that the snowmobile trail to it is open.

February 8 4PM – The groomers were out and the trails look great.  Secondary trails are going to be sled packed only, as the small groomer is still out for repair.

February 7 10PM – Moultonboro got about a foot of snow.  There is still solid ice under the new snow.   Grooming updates as they come in.

February 7 9AM – Snow is on the way, so conditions will improve.  Please get out and help us sled-pack the trails.  The big groomers will be out in force after the storm ends, and it works best if the trails have already been packed a bit.  The small groomer is still out for repair, but may be back in service soon.  We’ll groom the secondary trails, where the Tuckers can’t fit, as soon as the Gator is working.

February 3: Three inches of snow this week improved the conditions of the trails, but not that much.  We still do not have enough snow to groom and there is a thin but bullet-proof ice base under the snow.  The ice surface on lakes and ponds has patches of drifted snow, so engine cooling is possible.  The road up to the Carriage House at Castle in the Clouds remains closed due to some bare pavement.  They expect to have it open by February 9’th.

February 1: The Carriage House at Castle in the Clouds is having a Chili & Beer Tasting event on Saturday February 17th (blizzard date of the 18th) from 3-5pm.  $10 tickets available online now or $15 at the gate, by the fish pond.  Hart’s Turkey Farm, Great Events Catering, Moat Mountain Brewing, Tuckerman Brewing and Tamworth Distillery will be on hand to give out samples.  If snow conditions allow us to, it will extend the hours of the snowmobile trail being open that day to get here by sled up our front gate road or accessible by car via Ossipee Park Road.  Online tickets at

February 1 9AM – We are getting a few inches of snow today.  This will help the thin and frozen base on the trails, but we’re leaving the conditions marked as icy and poor unless reports come in that things are better.  There are no plans to resume grooming.

January 24 – 4PM – The winter storm on 1/23 left an inch of frozen crud on top of our thin and melted down base.  While the trails are still open, there will be no grooming until we get more snow and use of the trails is not recommended.  The lakes and ponds are mostly bare ice with some open areas that were created by runoff from the storm.  Our small Gator groomer has serious mechanical problems, so some of the smaller trails won’t get groomed for a while, even if it snows.

January 21 – 8PM – From the Club President: We lost a lot of cover on the trails yesterday with the temps and good amount of riders that were out. We will not groom again until we get some appreciable snow.

January 18 – 8PM – The main trails are groomed and in good shape.  There are a few thin spots and you might hit a few rocks, but overall, good cover.  Some trails haven’t been groomed and won’t be until the Gator groomer is back in operation.  Red Hill hasn’t been groomed and the hills could be very icy.

January 17 – 8AM – It is snowing again.  As of 8AM, there is about 3″ of new snow on top of our thin and frozen trail system.  The main corridors will be groomed before the weekend.  Our small groomer and drag are still broken, so it may take a while before all the secondary trails are groomed.  Ice reports of over a foot are common, however some access points opened up in the last thaw and require extra consideration before use.

January 13 – 4PM – The skies cleared this morning without any new snow.  The trails are frozen again, so you may ride.  However, there is no loose snow on the trails and no snow on the lakes and ponds.  Expect to break through some water bars for a day or two until things freeze solid again.  Some lake and pond access points (like at Berry Pond) opened up, so don’t assume the ice is as safe as it was last week.

January 13 – Facebook message from the Club President: Closed temporarily. We lost a lot of snow, but have maintained a good base in most areas I have seen. The water bars will be running and the exposed ground is soft. We were able to get out in many areas and get it flat. It should freeze off well and with a little snow we will be in business!  Thank you,  John

January 13 – The trail base took a hit from the thaw and some bare ground is showing.  The snow on lakes and ponds is all but gone, so engine cooling will be an issue for some sleds.  The ice was over a foot thick in many spots before the thaw, but there are likely soft spots where there was a lot of runoff.

January 12 – Our January thaw is here!  50 degrees, a snow eating fog and rain.  Forecast to be followed by freezing rain, sleet and a dusting of snow.  Ah, New England weather.  Most of our trails were groomed before the melt, so are flat and ready to freeze up again.  Please don’t ride the trails today (Friday), during the thaw and rain.  It won’t be fun and you will damage the trails.  By mid-day Saturday, things should be starting to freeze up again.  Snow is forecast for next Wednesday, so hopefully we can resume our great season of sledding

January 9 – Our club president posted this on our Facebook page today. Trail Update Tuesday 1-9-2018, 12PM: All of our main trails have been groomed within the past 24 hours including Red Hill and Corridor 15. We have a few smaller trails that need attention but are waiting on new tires for our Gator drag (the area that needs attention now requires that we drive the road for a mile and it is tough on tires). We are expecting some rain Friday, but we have a very strong base on the trails.  Ride on!

January 8 – There should be a few days of good riding this week before the forecasted thaw.  Please stay off the trails during the thaw.  We won’t be closing the trails, but they will be in much better shape after the thaw if traffic is kept to a minimum.  The southern half of the Kona Trail to Far Echo has not been groomed and probably won’t be until after the thaw, because the grooming drag for our small groomer is offline for repair.

January 8 – We have made some progress on the re-route around the closure of Morrill Drive, but need permission from a few more land owners to complete the trail.  If you know a board member of Windward Harbor, please contact me at

January 5 – Fresh snow and cold!  We received about 9″ of light powder and there is well over a foot of snow in the woods.  Some trails were groomed before the storm, but not all.   Please help us sled pack the trails.  Please travel on the less packed areas of trails and don’t spin around corners.

January 4 – Snowing.   Please help us sled pack the trails after the fresh show.  Doing this makes for a better grooming, because less snow will be pushed off the trail.  All groomers are operational again!

January 3 – Finally, a warm day.  It actually hit 20 today!  The trails are in good shape and the grooming has them smooth.  With the expected snow on Thursday, the trail system will be ready for the polar-bear sledders this weekend.

January 1 – Happy New Year.  Still bone chilling cold.  Some club trails remain ungroomed.  Continue to use extreme caution on lakes and ponds.

December 31 – Condition reports are coming in good!  Red Hill has been groomed and in addition to the trails in the Ossipee Mountains are worth a visit.  Snow depths are 8-15″.  The Carriage House by the Castle in the Clouds will be open today from 11-3.  People are crossing the ice on Corridor 15, between the Power Line Trail and Ambrose Cove/Aries Marina, but we continue to recommend extreme caution when traveling over frozen lakes and ponds.

December 31 – Condition reports are coming in good!  Red Hill has been groomed and in addition to the trails in the Ossipees, are worth a visit.  The Carriage House by the Castle in the Clouds will be open today from 11-3.  People are crossing the ice on Corridor 15, between the Power Line Trail and Ambrose Cove/Aries Marina, but we continue to recommend extreme caution when traveling over frozen lakes and ponds.

December 29 – The trails from the Village Kitchen to Meredith and down the neck towards Shaker Jerry Road were  groomed this week.  The swampy area right before Shaker Jerry was not groomed yet.  A member walked out on Center Harbor bay with a dry suit and reports the ice is only three inches in seven different spots.

December 28 – Thanks for your trail condition reports.  We’ve heard that there is a tree down in the Kona Wildlife Management Area, on the path to Braun Bay.  Corridor 15 is reported to be bumpy.  At last report, Red Hill still had some trees down and MSC crews were working on clearing them.  Ice conditions on routes that connect our trails remain unknown.  We have one report of  seven inches of ice along the shore in a cove, but the middle of the lake may be different.  Before the snow came, there were obvious weak spots in the middle of the lake, near natural springs and always-on bubblers.  We continue to recommend against travel on the ice until it is proven safe.

December 27 – The Castle’s Carriage House restaurant is ready to open, but needs a used sled to get to its gate.  It will be opening the gate when the restaurant is open.  If you have a working sled that you are willing to donate or sell inexpensively, their operations staff is desperate for one.  It doesn’t have to be fast or comfortable – just reliable.  Contact Pam Van Auken, Operations Director, at 603-476-5419 if you can help.

December 27 – The ice is thickening slowly in Moultonborough Bay, because there is a thin layer of slush between the snow and the ice, insulating the ice from the sub-zero cold air.  We depend on safe ice to connect much of our trail system, so are hoping that insulation or not, the glass half-full side of this very cold weather is that we will be soon be safely riding everywhere.  Till then, you can park your trailers at the Village Kitchen – along the south edge of the parking lot – and ride from there.  Please be sure to not block the VK’s customers and show your appreciation by going in for a bite to eat.

December 26 – With the recent snows, most trails should have plenty of snow.  However, some swamp areas are not frozen.  We have not groomed all trails and may not till after January 1.  The arctic cold this week should firm things up.  We consider the ice on lakes and ponds as NOT SAFE, even though it is looks fine on the surface.  One report is 3-4″ of ice along shore.  When people start ice fishing  we’ll get more depth reports.  Be extra careful in looking for downed trees and other hazards on the trails.

December 23 – GROOMING IN PROGRESS – After six inches of snow on Friday the forecast calls for up to 1/2″ of icing on top.  There is already a crust at 10AM. We expect this weather event to bring down branches and trees across our trails.   If you see debris on the trail, please clear the small stuff yourself and let us know if we need to send a crew for heavy lifting or chain-sawing.

December 22 – We learned this week of a trail closure that cuts our trail system off from Sandwich Notch Road.  The route from the east end of Squam lake and up Dinsmore road is closed. On a more positive note, there is some hope that the closed trail from the Castle/Ossipee parking lot on Route 109 towards Wolfeboro will be rerouted.  The club there reports it has land owner permissions and hopes to begin construction in January.  Addendum from a member: Quick update: took a ride up mt Shaw just now, beginning to be good snow coverage but still a lot of ditches that people need to watch out for. Other than that it’s very clean and pretty smooth for being ungroomed

December 21 – With the five inches or so of snow expected over the next few days, our trail conditions should improve.  No regular grooming yet.  To help us prepare the base for grooming, please look for untracked portion of the trails and don’t spin or skid.  If we get a little rain on Saturday, that will be good for the base, as the moisture content is low.  We want a thick frozen base so that our groomers can blend new snow into the top of the base, without scraping the ground.

December 19 – Riding is happening on some Moultonboro trails!  The base is not packed or groomed, so conditions can only be called “poor to fair”.  No serious grooming will be done until we have a deeper base.  Sled packing is good for the trails at this point, but watch-out for natural hazards.  THE ICE IS NOT SAFE, limiting how far you can go.  With snow and rain and then snow again in the forecast, we can only hope conditions improve.  For more extensive riding this week, Steve, our club’s master guide suggest trailering your sled to Sandwich Notch or Bear Notch in Bartlett.

December 15 – The NH Snowmobile season has begun.  The base on our trail system is very thin and ungroomed.  No trails over lakes and ponds have been reported safe.  There are natural hazards to be aware of, such as down trees and closed gates.  At this time, the club does not recommend the use of our trails.  We will attempt grooming this weekend and report here as conditions are better understood.  If you use the trails, take along an extra dose of common sense.  Respect our landowners and don’t cross through closed gates or blocked off areas.  We have over 170 landowners to keep happy and it only takes one to close off access miles of trails, as we are currently experiencing at Kona Road and Morrill Drive.

December 12 – SNOW!  After a few inches last Saturday, we received another 6+ inches today.  It was a light fluffy snow with sleet on top.  Not the best for packing down into a base, but we’ll take it.  Our groomer captain says the trails probably won’t be open Friday, but check back here to see if there is any change.  The lakes are FAR from frozen, so even if a few trails open, you won’t be able to go far.

December 9 – The club’s Christmas party is tonight and snow is in the forecast!  While it is risky counting your snowflakes before they fall, the National Weather service is calling for 2-6″ in Moultonborough between Saturday @2 and Sunday morning.  Long range, there are possible storms on Tuesday and Friday too!  The state snowmobile season officially opens on Friday, December 15’th.  Check back here on Friday to see if we are able to open a few trails next weekend.

November 19 – The club meeting and pot luck supper was attended by about 30 people.  Our president, John Harrington, presented an update of the upcoming season, followed by a discussion of state grants and the challenges we face keeping our trails open.  The next big event is the club Christmas Party on December 9’th at Geneva Point.  We hope to see many members there!

November 14’th – Many of the trail signs are now in.  Some directional signs still need to be placed.  We’ve completed the shut-down of Kona trali, from Morrill Road to the turn-around loop within the Kona Wildlife Management Area.  We also closed off the trail from near the club garage to Green’s Basin.  There will be a new trail about 150 yards to the east of the old one, but it is not yet cleared of rocks, stumps and other debris.  Many small project to go.  Four weeks till the season opens (conditions permitting).

November 8’th – There was a good turnout for November 4’th trail crew.  We still have some trails to clear from the late October wind storm, but now it is time to shift to placing signs, snow fences and ropes along the trail.  The on-line registrations are starting to roll in and the new trail maps are at the printers.  On Tuesday, there were flurries in the air and well below freezing temperatures are expected over the next few nights.  Much work to be done before the season opens.

November 4’th – There are trees down on some of our trails, from the halloween storm.  We’re asking members to check trails near them and report trees they find down.  Starting November 6’th, trail signs will start going up.  If there are those that can help during the week, please send a note to

The 2016/2017 season was over in Moultonborough on March 24.  The 2017/2017 season begins on December 15’th, if conditions allow.

We have been busy getting the trails ready.  The wind storm in March blew over a lot of trees and we are still finding huge pines across the trails, along with much brush. We need help!  Please show up on a Saturday morning.  Crews are sent out to walk the trails, cut overhanging branches and call for the chain saw crew when needed.

The weather services are calling for a variable winter, with a chance of a cold start.  Let’s hope for it!!