Points of Contact

Mailing Address: PO Box 118 Moultonborough, NH 03254

You can send us a general comment or question by clicking here.  

For membership issues, please send email to membership@moultonborosmc.org

Our officers and volunteers prefer to be contacted by email.  If you want to call, please do it during normal hours, except in an emergency.

Elected Officers – 2023 Season

Position / Title



Email Address

President Steve Janaitis president@moultonborosmc.org
Vice President Bill Gassman 617-419-0428 vice-president@moultonborosmc.org
Secretary Alycia Surdam secretary@moultonborosmc.org
Treasurer Steve Surdam treasurer@moultonborosmc.org

Board of Directors

 Member Joe Breen board-of-directors@moultonborosmc.org
 Member Jim Salerno board-of-directors@moultonborosmc.org
 Member Steve Schad board-of-directors@moultonborosmc.org
 Member Steve Surdam board-of-directors@moultonborosmc.org

Appointed Positions

Trail Master Eric Erving 603-393-1817 trailmaster@moultonborosmc.org
Trail Administrator Brian Hall trailadministrator@moultonborosmc.org
Grooming Coordinators Eric Erving and Jeff Clarenbach grooming-coordinator@moultonborosmc.org
Membership Chair Vacant membership@moultonborosmc.org

Volunteer Positions

Safety Course Steve Janaitis 603-253-6707 safety-course@moultonborosmc.org
Website Administrator Bill Gassman web-admin@moultonborosmc.org
Trail Map Maker Bill Gassman info@moultonboromsc.org

Social Event Coordinators

Club Rides Steve Janaitis 603-253-6707 club-ride@moultonborosmc.org
Social Director Vacant social-coordinator@moultonborosmc.org