Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Updated APRIL 13, 2024 

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Welcome to our new officers and board members for the 2025 season.

  • President: Steve Surdam
  • Vice President: Eric Erving
  • Board Member: Paul Slaney
  • Board Member: Brian Egan

The club old-timers say “never before has the club not opened trails for at least a day”, but the 2024 season went down as the first.  Now that the ground and lakes are thawing, not even a miracle snowstorm will save the season.  We thank those that joined the club, either in hopes that the season materialized or with the knowledge that club expenses don’t disappear when the season is poor.  We hope to see you at the membership meeting in April, where those that got in some miles up north can rub it in to those who didn’t.

Check the NH Bureau of Trails conditions page to find out what is open in NH:

The radar run planned for February 17’th at the Moultonboro Airport is canceled.  We needed to make commitment to the FAA so they could post a notice that the airport would be closed.  At this point, with no snow in the forecast, and parts of the radar run track still wet, hopes aren’t good enough.  We’ll plan it again next year.


Trail locations are the same as last year.  None relocated but many improvements made.  The new 2024 maps are in and we are in the process of distributing them to merchants.  Heaths Hardware, DaSilva and Haffner’s Fuel have them so far.


Thanks to all the volunteers that helped this fall.  While some last minute details are still underway, we are no longer meeting every Saturday morning.  If you want to get involved in ongoing trail work, please contact our trail master


As of 2/2/24 293 people have joined or renewed their club membership, with many people adding a donation.  Club trail preparation and operations are funded by your membership dues and donations.  Obviously, we are not getting any money for grooming and that is usually a big chunk of funds that helps to maintain the equipment.  Please renew your membership today, even if you won’t be riding.  Financially, it has been a tough year but we remain ready and look forward to next season.

2024 Memberships Available from NHSA at (click on link below)

Note: NHSA has a new membership application and requires that you enter your email and other personal information.  Nothing from previous years was stored.  More info at our membership page.

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State wide conditions are posted on the NH State Parks Site

NH Bureau of Trails Facebook Page

The NHSA Interactive NH Trail Map web site is at    It includes the club’s 2022 trail updates.  Accessing the map by web browser is free.  We recommend the NHSA Trail Map app (Apple/Android) that works with or without cell signal.  $4.99/year.

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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Blog

3/11/23 Trails – TRAILS CLOSED

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2023 Season

3/11: Trails Closed.

3/9: Closing east side today.  Red Hill groomed last night and is good.  Checking other trails.

3/8: Groomed Evergreen, Lees, Village and Greens Basin Trails.  Deep base in some spot, bare ground and mud holes in other spots.

3/6: 9″ on Saturday (3/4) but warm weather is keeping some trails thin and big mud puddles are effectively closing several stretches of trails.

3/1: Total of about a foot in the past week.  West side is rolled.

2/26: Another 3″+ are improving conditions.  Still ice under and thin base.

2/23: With 4-6″ of new snow and cold temps on the way, we opened the gates today.  Conditions are marginal and water bars are hidden.

2/18: Trails remain closed, including west side of Ossipees.  Forecast for late next week looks interesting but it will take a lot of snow to reopen the trails.  We’ll see what March brings.

2/13: Trails are closed until conditions improve.  Temperatures are forecast to be well above normal for the week.

2/9: Warm temperatures and rain have damaged the trails.  They are soft, muddy and only remain open due to the fishing derby.  Trails will close on Sunday evening, until if/when winter returns.

2/4: Temps reached -17 overnight.  Everything was groomed by Friday noon then groomers were put away for the cold.  C15 from Ambrose to Castle Parking lot still closed.  Elsewhere, frozen water bars, puddles and icy streams down some trails.  Water access was punky a few days ago, before the deep freeze.

2/2: Cold temps have firmed up the water-bars.  Grooming will resume today, then suspend over the weekend due to forecasted temps near zero.  Base is thin in some areas with occasional bare spots and frozen water-bars.  No significant snow in the forecast.

1/30: Grooming is suspended until things freeze up again.  Riding in the low-land trails is not recommended.

1/29: Red Hill and Ossipees remain best riding.  Warm temperatures and sled traffic took its toll yesterday.  The east side trails are closed due to excessive mud holes.  Many of the lake entrances are reported to have open water holes.

1/28: Most trails have been packed or groomed, except for the powerline swamp.  With temperatures in forecast to hit 40 today, we recommend staying off the trails.

1/27: Cold temperatures overnight firmed up the slush from yesterday.  Packing and grooming will continue today.  Conditions will improve with traffic and additional grooming but more snow and continued cold weather is needed.

1/26: Two inches of snow/slush and then rain fell.  Lake ice is showing lots of wet and punky areas.  Will be resuming packing today.

1/25 PM: After a day of grooming, lots of trails are packed, many are not and most gates are open.

1/25 Wednesday AM: With over a foot on the ground and more forecast, the trails opened this morning.  It is a soft opening.  There are still gates closed, unpacked trails, water bars and unfrozen swamps to content with.  Early season conditions to be sure.  Volunteers are working on all issues.

1/20 Friday PM: We received 2″-6″ Thursday night and Friday.  Probably more in the mountains.  Not enough to take our equipment out to groom, so trails remain not open.  More snow is forecast for Sunday night and perhaps Wednesday night.  We will see.  The equipment is gassed up and ready to go.  We’ll keep you informed here.

1/19 – Storms are forecast for Thursday and Sunday nite and long range hints at a storm next Wednesday.  The club equipment is in top repair, gassed up and ready to go.  At the moment, we are planning to pack and check trails starting Monday, 1/23.



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Trail Status

Location Status
OVERALL TRAIL STATUS – Thursday 3/9/23 


Corridor 15 (Meredith to Ossipee)
Corridor 15 West  (Meredith Trail south of Lake Kanasatka)


Corridor 15 Moultonboro Neck  (Lake Kanasatka to Swallow Point Junction


Corridor 15 Powerline (Swallow Point Junction to Lake Winnipesaukee)


Corridor 15 Vappy Trail (Ambrose Marina across 109 to Mason Trail Junction)


Corridor 15 Vappy Trail (Mason Trail Junction to Ossipee Trail parking lot Rt 171)


Corridor 26 towards Wolfeboro – South of Ossipee Trail Parking Lot on RT 171 CLOSED
Corridor 15 Ossipee Mountain Trail – Parking lot to Mt. Shaw (State managed) CHECK WITH STATE


Primary 201 RED HILL TRAIL (Village Kitchen to Junction of 204) 


Primary 201 (Junction of 204 to Wakondah Pond and Lake Kanasatka)


Primary 204 from Junction of 201 to Squam Lake off Harvard Road.


Mason Trail Area (From Corridor 15 Junction to Balmoral, Suissevale and Skelley’s Market)


Moultonboro Neck Club Trails
Salmon Meadow Cove Access


Swallow Point  Trail (Corridor 15 Junction to Kona Woods entrance on Kona Farm Rd.) 


Kona Woods (Kona Farm Rd to M’boro Neck Rd at near Campground 


Camp Tecumseh (M’boro Neck Rd to Smith Cove access) 


Ferry Road Trail (Powerline to Camp Tecumseh – crossing Ferry Rd – New in 2022)


Far Echo Trail  (Smith Cove access to Far Echo Harbor)


Route 25 Area Trails
Primary 201 VK Trail (Moultonborough Neck Rd to Village Kitchen)


Lakes Access Trail (VK Trail to Lake Winnipesaukee Access and Lee’s Pond


Winnipesaukee Access, (Near Evergreen Island) – New route in 2022 


Lee’s Pond South Access, (Access via Fox Hollow and Moose Walk Roads) 


Village Trail (Lees Pond East Access to Cup and Crumb and Berry Pond


Greens Basin Trail (Trail improved in 2022)


Service Trail – Corridor 15 to Greens Corner, DaSilva Motorsports and Boro


Indefinitely Closed Trails
Primary Trail 204 – East Edge of Squam Lake to Sandwich Notch OPEN IN 2023
Service Trail – Subway to Lake Kanasatka CLOSED IN 2020
Carriage Trail (Corridor 15 to the Castle’s Carriage House Restaurant CLOSED IN 2020


CLOSED  Trail is closed – Please don’t ride these trails without checking with the club’s operations crew.
Marginal  Trail is passable but not recommended. May have thin base, open or partially filed water bars, bare spots, ice or trees down. May not have been groomed recently.  Please use only as needed.
Moderate Trail has fair riding, but will have bare spots, ice, waterbars or rough sections.
Good  Trail is flat with a good base.  It may have been groomed recently but there are areas with moguls or washboard, or are mushy, icy or bare.  
Great  Trail has a good base, regularly groomed flat with solid snow that should hold up to traffic.  
Unknown  Condition unknown.  Text color indicates last known condition.  Send field reports to info at moultonborosmc dot org