Club Garage Open House

Due to the lack of snow, we changed the date for our first annual ClubGarage Open House. It will be on Saturday Feb 20, 2016 from 11 AM until 3 PM.

We will have a bonfire going and will have hot chocolate, coffee, hot dogs, and baked goodies!

We will also be taking kids (young and old :)) for groomer rides in our Tucker Sno-Cat and John Deere Gator.

If you are out and about, please stop by- by sled we are on Primary Trail 201 (Corridor 15 at the Tree Farm on Neck Road headed toward the VK). By car, we are on Highway Garage Drive, first left down the Neck Road.

Hope to see some of you there!

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IMPORTANT Trail Update!

Please note that our trails are officially closed.

The water is open everywhere. Some gates are open to allow for trail maintenance. We realize that many people can get onto our trail system from their own property (and that they have every right to ride on their property).

We have a landowner who is very upset that a group of riders decided to move a very large log (1000 pounds approx) from the access point to his property. He opens and closes the trail going through his land at his discretion (when he believes there is enough snow to protect plants, etc that he grows). There was also an ATV in there mucking things up. Fish and Game have been called, however, I ask that people police themselves or the land will close to us. This property is part of corridor 15 with no way to bypass or reroute it.

We spend a lot of time placating landowners, convincing them to allow access, and trying to create goodwill with our landowners- many whom do not snowmobile.

Please respect landowner’s property regardless of how much snow is on the trail.  Stay in the marked trail or stay home! We spend 100’s of hours signing, roping and fencing trails to keep riders where they belong. Please correct or report anyone you see riding off the marked trail.  Help us keep these trails open for everyone!

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Club Membership Update!

Snow is here and you want to Ride!

Received from the NHSA on 12/29/15

“This notice is to inform you that the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA) will need

to delay the availability of online Club Membership sales, but we are hoping we can resolve the

issue within the next thirty (30) days.”


If you were waiting to try the NHSA Online Membership Website, you will need to use one of the

following alternatives to Join and Register.


  1. Mail in your 2015-2016 Application that was mailed out or go to our Website for a copy.

We will process them and e-mail you a copy of your NHSA Voucher ASAP. For those

who do not have an e-mail address listed with the Club but do have e-mail it would

speed the process if you e-mail it to us at otherwise we will

have to mail it out.


  1. Go to any one our 3 Membership/Registration Agents where you will find both the

Application and a Moultonboro Snowmobile Club Membership Card which can be used

in place of a NHSA Voucher. You can join our Club and Register all at once.


  1. DaSilva Motor Sports (Rt 25/Moultonboro Neck Rd)
  2. EM Heath Hardware (Rt 25 Center Harbor)
  3. Skelley’s Market (RT 109)

We will try to check the Mail Box more frequently during the next several weeks.

You can e-mail George Higgins if you need assistance at

MSC Membership Committee

George And Cheryl Higgins

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Annual Safety Course

Annual Safety Course

We will be holding our 2015-2016 Snowmobile Class on Saturday December 12th at the Moultonboro Public Library, 4 Holland Street, Moultonboro. The Class will start at 8:00am and run through to 3:30pm. The Club will be providing Lunch.

Please bring your riding gear as part of the Class requires riding on an outdoor course to test your knowledge of snowmobile rules and riding skills. We encourage Parents to attend the class.

Please contact Steve Janaitis at 603-253-6707 as soon as possible to reserve a place in the Class.

There is an online class that follows very closely with what will be taught in the class.

Safety Course link:


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