Annual Meeting & Election Results

Greeting MSC members and friends,


We held our annual meeting and end of season BBQ at the Suissevale clubhouse on 4/18/2015. It was great to see many of you there! Thank you to Cathy Erving and team for pulling the meal and event together!


We also held our elections as well with the following results:

President– John Harrington

Vice President– Eric Erving

Treasurer– Cathy Erving

Secretary– Lea Bane

Director– Brian Hall

Director– Jeff Clarenbach


Remaining as directors (2 year position):

Walter Moore

Jim Salerno


Steve Janaitis will remain as the trail administrator which is an appointed board position with full voting rights.


We had a great season overall, albeit a little short! The new Gator UTV with tracks and 6.5’X10’ drag worked out really well with trail reports saying that the Kona trails were the best they have ever been. We will be having some preventative maintenance performed on our Tuckers this summer but do not foresee having to outlay much cash for that.


Financially, we are in great shape thanks to the support we receive from our members!


At the meeting we voted to rename our club garage to “Rod MacDonald Club Garage” to recognize the significant tasks that this gentleman has undertaken and completed for the MSC over the past 30 years. I don’t know what I would do without him and Eric Erving.


Thank you to all that have assisted over the past year.


We also discussed the idea of a club motorcycle ride to some of the locations we snowmobile to. Let me know if there is any interest.


I apologize for not communicating via Sno-Traveler very well this year, I am self-employed and had a very busy year. I post frequently on the Winnipesaukee forum and our Facebook page.


Have a great summer- I hope to see you on the lake!


Best regards,




John Harrington


Moultonboro Snowmobile Club


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Crunch Time Reminder


We collect the applications during the week and process them between Friday Night and Sunday. Your Membership Packet, which may include NHSA Membership Cards, Trail Maps and Decals are mailed out on Mondays.

Please take a little extra time when writing your Street Address and E-Mail Addresses on the Application. These are critical in keeping you up to date on all Club Happenings.  You can notify us of any E-mail or Address changes at the E-mail address above.

If we have your application but we have no processed it and you have an urgent need to Register you Snowmobile(s) we can send you an e-mail with your NHSA Card Number. The E-mail states that you are a Member in Good Standing with the Club. You can print the e-mail and present it to any of our local Registration Agents.

If you have any question about your application being processed please forward your questions to George Higgins at


Your Membership Committee.


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2014 Membership News

It is early September and things are already happening.

Our Renewal Membership drive is in the process as I write this. All of the 2014-2015 Membership Forms and Announcements’ are at the Printer. You should be seeing your Renewal Package in the mail some time this week.

Cheryl and I are setting every thing up for the season. We have our initial batch of NHSA CARDS and NHSA Decals all categorized. We are ready to start processing Memberships as soon as we start receiving them. Normally it takes about a week to a week and a half from the time you put the application in the mail till Cheryl and I receive them. They go the Club PO box and are usually picked up on Thursday or Friday at the latest. Once we have the applications we process them and have them in the Mail Monday.

Again this year there will be a “FULL” size Addressed Return envelope in the Mailing.

In an attempt to clarify the Readability of E-mail Addresses I have placed the Current E-mail Address we have for each member above the block were you would normally write in you e-mail address. Before each address (E-Mail Add Y/N there is a “YES” or “NO”. Please circle the appropriate answer. If the address in incorrect or has changed please write in the correct address. Please make the address as legible as possible. It will help to SPEED UP processing applications.

I have practice of sending a “TEST E-MAIL to each Member as I receive a New or Changed E-mail address. I would appreciate a quick response so the Database is as Current as possible.

If you think you have missed any News Letters or other Mailings please send me your present E-mail Address. Please use the phrase E-Mail Update in the Subject Line.

Send to:

There are a lot of great things being planned for the 2014-2015 Season. Starting with an update of our Website thanks to Terri and Karl Eichhorn.

Moultonboro Snowmobile Club


Cheryl and George Higgins


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