Calendar of Events 2014-2015

Moultonboro Snowmobile Club Calendar of Events



November 1st – Season Kick-off Club Dinner

                                    Location: Suissevale Clubhouse

                                    Cocktails 5:30-6:30 (BYOB)

                                    Dinner 6:30 –


December 6th    – Annual Holiday Party & Auction

                                    Location TBD

                                    Cocktails 6:00 – 7:00

                                    Dinner 7:00 –


Jan 31st to Feb 2nd  –  Reciprocal Weekend Ride

                                 Accommodations and Route TBD

                                 This year we will be riding from NH

                                  to Maine


January 7th        –  Easter Seals Ride-In

                                    Club Ride TBD


February 21st – Annual Progressive Dinner Ride

                                    4:00 pm Leave from Club Garage on

                                    Playground Rd.


March 21th –    Club Bonfire

                                    7:00 Location TBD


May 2nd –            Annual Meeting BBQ and Elections

                                    Location: Suissevale Clubhouse

                                    Cocktails 5:30-6:30 (BYOB)

                                    Dinner 6:30 -


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2014 Membership News

It is early September and things are already happening.

Our Renewal Membership drive is in the process as I write this. All of the 2014-2015 Membership Forms and Announcements’ are at the Printer. You should be seeing your Renewal Package in the mail some time this week.

Cheryl and I are setting every thing up for the season. We have our initial batch of NHSA CARDS and NHSA Decals all categorized. We are ready to start processing Memberships as soon as we start receiving them. Normally it takes about a week to a week and a half from the time you put the application in the mail till Cheryl and I receive them. They go the Club PO box and are usually picked up on Thursday or Friday at the latest. Once we have the applications we process them and have them in the Mail Monday.

Again this year there will be a “FULL” size Addressed Return envelope in the Mailing.

In an attempt to clarify the Readability of E-mail Addresses I have placed the Current E-mail Address we have for each member above the block were you would normally write in you e-mail address. Before each address (E-Mail Add Y/N there is a “YES” or “NO”. Please circle the appropriate answer. If the address in incorrect or has changed please write in the correct address. Please make the address as legible as possible. It will help to SPEED UP processing applications.

I have practice of sending a “TEST E-MAIL to each Member as I receive a New or Changed E-mail address. I would appreciate a quick response so the Database is as Current as possible.

If you think you have missed any News Letters or other Mailings please send me your present E-mail Address. Please use the phrase E-Mail Update in the Subject Line.

Send to:

There are a lot of great things being planned for the 2014-2015 Season. Starting with an update of our Website thanks to Terri and Karl Eichhorn.

Moultonboro Snowmobile Club


Cheryl and George Higgins


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Moultonboro SMC 2014 Annual Youth Safety Course

December 13th 2014

Moultonboro Snowmobile Club Annual Youth Safety Course

We will be holding our 2014 Snowmobile Class on Saturday December 13th at the Geneva Point Center, Geneva Point Road, Moultonboro. The Class will start at 8:00am and run through to 3:30pm. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay. The Club will be providing Lunch. Please bring your riding gear as part of the Class requires riding on an outdoor course to test your knowledge of snowmobile rules and riding skills. We encourage Parents to attend the class. Please contact Steve Janaitis at 603-253-6707 as soon as possible to reserve a place in the Class. There is an online class that follows very closely with what will be taught in the class. Safety Course link

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President: John Harrington

 Vise-President: Eric Erving

 Treasure: Cathy Erving

 Secretary: Leatrice Bane

 Director: Jim Salerno (first time Board member)

 Director: Walter Moore (first time Board member)

 Current Board Members

 Directors: Jeff Clarenbach and Brian Hall

 Trail Administrator: Steve Janaitis


We will be sending out renewal Membership Applications for the 2014-2015 Season by 09-05-14.

We will be starting Trial Work in September. We will use our Website, E-mail notices and our Mobile Bulletin Board to announce the Dates.

Enjoy the Summer it won’t be long before it is Labor Day and we will be thinking of Snowmobiling.

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