Club History

History of the Moultonboro Snowmobile Club

Compiled by Russell W. Hoyt – March 2001

Founded in the 1960’s, the Moultonboro Snowmobile has a long history.  A small group of outdoor enthusiasts had a common interest in recreation, sociability and the opportunity to enjoy our fabulous New Hampshire environment.  They liked going going to places not otherwise available in the winter months.

In the early days there were only ungroomed paths through the woods and snowmobiles were primitive at best by today’s standards. But it was fun.

A few years later, a group of twenty six interested snowmobilers met at “Arey’s”, Sunday January 10, 1970, to discuss the possibility of forming a snowmobile club.

Howard Arey got the meeting started around 10:30 a.m. Each person introduced themselves and told where they were from. Hazel Straw acted a temporary Secretary, taking down the names of those present and notes on the discussion.

A general discussion on the advantages of such a club, rules, laws, and ideas were briefly exchanged. Lorrie Mailhot, of Concord, briefly told how such things have worked out in the Concord Snowmobile Club.

John Dunlap suggested a planning committee be formed and that they meet before the next meeting of this group. A committee of five were named, with John Dunlap heading the group. Other members were Leon Bagdasarian, Bill Dunn, Verne Richardson, and Dr. John Sturrock. This committee was to meet at John Dunlap’s home on Castle Shores, the next Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Present at the first meeting were Howard Arey, Leon Bagdasarian, Allen Bidder, John & Marge Dunlap, Bill, Helen & Wiley Dunn, Dick Haley, Scott Lamprey, Delma & Elsie McIntire, Johnny & Don Miller, Ralph & Jeff Nelson, Leonard Pace, Vern Richardson, Louie & Hope Rossi, Hazel Straw, and Dr. John Sturrock. Guests from  Concord were – Lorrie & Brett Mailhot and Bob Clark. Coffee and doughnuts were served at the close of the meeting.

The second meeting of the Snowmobile Club was held January 17, 1970. John Dunlap gave a report on the progress of the planning committee. They had discussed the question of dues and a possible name for the club. Those present at the meeting that night voted their suggestions. The name of the club shall be “The Moultonboro Snowmobile Club” with dues as follows:

    Entrance Fee: (Paid only once)

            $7.00 per Couple

            $5.00 per Individual

    Yearly Dues: (Paid at start of each season)

            $5.00 per Couple + $1.00 per each additional family member

            $4.00 per Individual 

Officers were nominated and duly elected:

                President: John Dunlap

                Secretary/Treasurer: Hazel Straw

The subjects of insurance and joining the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association were discussed and proposed for further investigation. Present at this second meeting were Howard Arey, Leon & Ellena Bagdasarian, John & Marge Dunlap and Pat, Bill, Mary & Willey Dunn, Del & Elsie McIntire, Carolyn, Johnny and Donald Miller, Verne Richardson, and Hazel Straw. New members were Everett & Sybol Bodge, Fred & Randy Bickford, Mr. Bowker, Russell Hoch, George Lincoln, Bob Straw, and Raymond Weeks.

The third meeting of the club was held at Arey’s on January 31, 1970 at 7:30 p.m. The president read a letter from the NHSA in answer to his inquiry on the club joining the association and a vote was in the affirmative. As the Moultonboro Club was the first to join NHSA from Carroll County a representative could be appointed and Verne Richardson was nominated and elected the first representative to the NHSA.

John Sturrock brought up the question of a constitution, by-laws, etc., which the club would be guided by, for investigation.

A trail committee was created to plan activities for the club. Members named to the committee were Howard Arey, Leon Bagdasarian, Delma McIntire and Verne Richardson.

It was decided to take a trip to Sandwich Notch the next day Sunday February 1, 1970. All interested would meet at the fire station, in town, at 10:00 a.m. This appears to be the first event of the newly formed club. The next big event was a “Gymkhana” held on the lake; using John Dunlap’s home as headquarters. There were thirty members present plus a number of interested spectators. The sports events went off smoothly under the direction of John Dunlap and Dr. John Sturrock. The cookout was a great success enjoyed by members and spectators.

On March 15, 1970 twenty two members, five guests and fifteen machines made the trip to the “Castle” leaving Arey’s at 10:30 with lunch at the Stables and the afternoon on the trails.

On March 22, 1970 a trip to Sawyer Pond was not very successful as it was too warm and the machines just couldn’t do it.

Thus, the first season of the newly formed “Moultonboro Snowmobile Club” came to a close.